Saturday, April 4, 2009

Check Me Out..

Hope you like this tut..
You must have working knowledge of PSP..
Tube of Choice: I am using the awesome work on Dominic Marco..
You must have a license to use his artwork which you can purchase HERE..
Scrap Kit of Choice: I am using the fantastic FTU kit "Slave" by Bluedream Designs HERE..
Thanks Bluey..
Template #66 by Yvette HERE..
Thanks hun..
Font of Choice: I am using A&S Snapper
Drop Shadow: 0 0 70 8
Xero - Porcelain (optional)
Okay lets get started..
Open template and shift D delete the original layer..Also delete the copyright layer..
Highlight your background layer Image canvas size and increase to 600x600 we can crop later..
Highlight Raster 1 layer select all - float - defloat..Paste paper of choice as a new layer selections invert - delete..Selections none..Add a drop shadow and delete the original layer..
Now do the same with Raster 2 layer..
Highlight Raster 3 layer select all - float - defloat..Paste a paper of choice selections invert - delete..Do not deselect..
Paste your tube as a new layer place the face inside the marching ants hit delete..Add Xero - Porcelain with default settings..Add a drop shadow and merge with your new raster 3 layer..Then add a drop shadow..Delete the original layer..
Highlight your Wordart layer add a new layer and flood fill with colour from your tube..Back on your wordart layer select all - float - defloat..Highlight your new flood filled layer selections invert - delete..Add a drop shadow and delete the original layer..
Paste your tube as a new layer position it and add a drop shadow..
Add any elements you wish..
With a font of choice add your name and a drop shadow..
Add the correct copyright..
Crop excess white and resize..
Save as a png or a jpeg..
Then your done..
Thank you for trying my tut any feedback would be welcome..I would love to see what you have created..
Written by Sue April 4th 2009..
Any resemblance to another tut is coincidental..
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