Thursday, March 12, 2009

Late Bloomers

Hope you like this tut..
You must have working knowledge of PSP..
4 Tubes of Choice: I am using the fantastic artwork of Keith Garvey..
You must have a license to use his artwork which you can purchase HERE..
Scrap Kit of Choice: I am using the gorgeous PTU kit "Blooming Romance" by Desert Bloom Designs which you can purchase HERE..
Thanks Dawne..
Mask of Choice: I am using "The Eon Mask" by SabresQuillandParchment HERE..
Thanks hun..
Font of Choice: I am using Inspiration..
Drop Shadow: 2 -2 50 5
EyeCandy 4000 - Glass
Okay lets get started..
Open a new image 600x600 and flood fill white..
Paste the LilacMatteFrame as a new layer resize it by 20% then again by 60%..
Position your frame to the left hand corner..Duplicate this layer and image - mirror..No do this till you have a total of 4 frames..See my tag for reference..Merge the frame layers together..
With your magic wand click inside one of the frames selections - modify - expand by 5..
With a paper of choice paste as a new layer selections invert - delete..Do not deselect..
Paste one of your tubes as a new layer position it inside your marching ants hit delete..Selections none add a drop shadow..Move your paper and tube layer below your frame..
Now do this with your remaining 3 frames..
On your frame layer add eyecandy 4000 - glass with the following settings: 7.78 75 18 0 50 0 50 colour white..Add a drop shadow..
Now take one of the eyelets and paste as a new layer resize by 20% add a drop shadow..Image duplicate - flip..
Now choose another eyelet thats a different colour and do the same as the first eyelet but rotate 90 degrees left..See my tag for reference..
Add any elements you wish..
Now to add your mask..Highlight Raster 1 layer..Load mask - delete mask layer - merge group..
With a font of choice add your name and a drop shadow..
Add correct copyright..
Crop excess white and resize..
Save as a png or jpeg..
Then your done..
Thank you for trying my tut any feed back would be welcome..I would love to see what you have created..
Written by Sue March 12th 2009
Any resemblance to another tut is coincidental..
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