Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday..

Hope you enjoy this tut..
You must have working knowledge of PSP..
PSP9 any version will do..
Tube of Choice: I am using the lovely artwork of Elias Chatzoudis..
You must have a license to use his artwork..Which you can purchase HERE..
Scrap Kit of Choice: I am using the awesome FTU kit "Flush With Love" by Blue Dream Designs HERE..
Thanks hun..
Template #33 by Missy..HERE..
Thanks hun..
Mask of Choice: I am using Monti's "montiblindsmask1" HERE..
Thanks hun..
2 Fonts of Choice: I am using Impact and Crawford..
Drop Shadow: 0 0 50 10
EyeCandy 4000 - Gradient Glow..(optional)
Okay lets get started..
Open template and shift D and delete the original..Also delete the copyright layer..
Highlight your background layer..Image canvas resize 600x600..
Highlight your large circle layer..Select all - float - defloat..Paste a paper of choice..Selections invert - delete, selections none..Add a drop shadow and delete the original layer..
Now do the same with the other layers until you reach the heart layer..
Highlight the hearts layer..Select all - float - defloat add a new layer.. Choose a light colour from your tube or papers and flood fill..Selections none add a drop shadow and delete the original layer..
Now do the same with the frame layer only choosing a darker colour..
Hide your background, raster 1 and 2 and merge visible raster layers 3, 4 and 5..
Take your merged layers and move it down towards the bottom of your circles..See my tag for reference..
Now paste your tube as a new layer positioning it on top of your frame..Add a drop shadow..
Now add any elements you wish..
With a font of choice, a fat one works best..Write Happy Birthday using 2 colours from your tube..
Now take a different font and add your name..I used a gradient glow on mine this is optional..Add a drop shadow..
Now to add our mask.. Highlight your background layer..Add a new layer and flood fill with a colour of choice..Load mask - delete mask layer - merge group..
Add the correct copyright..
Crop excess white and resize..
Save as a png or jpeg..
Then your done..
Thank you for trying my tut any feedback would be welcome I would also love to see what you have created..
Written by Sue february 24th 2009..
Any resemblance to another tut is coincidental..
This tut is registered with TWI..

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  1. Thanks...I really enjoyed following this tut and it was super easy to understand & use.