Monday, February 9, 2009


Hope you enjoy this tut..
You must have a working knowledge of PSP..
Tube of Choice: I am using the fabulous artwork of Pinup Toons..
You can purchase a license to use the artwork HERE..
Scrap Kit of Choice: I am using the awesome PTU kit "BedTime"..
By JT's Designs..
Which you can purchase HERE..
Thank you so much Jane..
MuraMeisters - Copies
Font of Choice: I am using TheNautiGal..
Okay lets get started..
Open a new canvas 600x600 flood fill white..
Paste Frame 2 resize by 60%..
Using your free hand selection tool go around the first frame on your left so you have marching ants all around the frame.
Paper of choice I chose Paper#9 and paste as a new layer..
Selections invert then delete..Do not deselect..
Paste your tube as a new layer position it so the part of the tube you want is visible..
Then delete..Selections none..
Add a drop shadow to your tube..I used 2 -2 50 5..
Merge your tube and paper layer and move this below your frame..
Repeat the above steps with the other 2 frames using different parts of your tube and different papers..
Papers I used where Paper#10 and Paper#11..
Add a drop shadow to the frame using the same settings as above..
Add your tube as a new layer..Resize if you need..
Adding the same drop shadow..
Now take Glass Swirl#2 resize it by 70%..
Add mura - copies - encircle using the default settings..
Resize again by 80% add a drop shadow..I used 2 -2 50 5..
Now take Glass Swirl#1 and do the same as above just on the last resize change it to 50%
Move it so it is in the lower right hand corner..Layers duplicate and move this to the upper left hand corner..
See my tag for reference..
Merge your glass swirl layers together and move to the bottom..
Choose a font of choice..Picking 2 colours from you tag..
Add a saying if you would like.. Adding a drop shadow..
Using the same font add your name..Add a drop shadow..
Add the correct Copyright..
Crop and resize then save as a png or jpeg..
Then your done..
Thank you for trying my tut and feed back would be welcome..
Written by Sue February 9th, 2009
Any resemblance to another tut is coincidental..

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